Environmental Outcomes – Seymour Wind Farm

Size: 600 MW

Estimated Annual Production of Electricity: 2 million MWh

CO2 offsets: 2 million tonnes of CO2

Provides energy for: 430k homes

Is equivalent to taking: 700k cars off the road or planting 7 million trees.

See 2030Yea’s article on the Seymour Project

Seymour area

Currently FERA are looking at two separate zones for the project, containing wind turbines and transmission lines. 

The wind farm investigation area is bound by Avenel, Longwood, Ruffy, Highlands and Tarcombe. The transmission line investigation area spans toward the 330kV transmission line in the south east.

This area was selected based on its strong wind resource and its proximity to the main transmission line between Melbourne and Sydney.

Care will be taken to minimise the impact of new infrastructure on local homes.

Project Timeline

Early 2022
Desktop Studies and Initial Landowner Discussions
Late 2022
Wind Monitoring: Masts and SODAR
Early 2023
Ongoing Community and Stakeholder Consultation
Mid 2023
Ongoing Studies and Investigations
Late 2023
Site Substation Location and Connection Route
Early 2024
Finalise Studies
Early 2025
Civil and Infrastructure Planning
Late 2025
Planning Permit
Construction and Commissioning



The Seymour project will not only produce electricity sustainably toward Australia’s green future, but will also elevate the surrounding community.

Fera places strong importance on community involvement in the project during its planning, construction, and operation phases. Once the project is within reach of construction, we are looking to establish a Community Consultative Committee (CCC). Annual funding will be supplied to the CCC to complete community projects. 

These projects will create a positive legacy for the wind farm in the area and increase the benefits the community gain while supplying the country with sustainable energy from their backyard. 

Please contact us if you have any interest in joining, or would like more information on the committee.

local jobs

Fera has a large focus on employing local and creating long term jobs the community surrounding every project. 

It is estimated that the Seymour Wind Farm will create 50-60 permanent positions during it’s operational phase. 

Over the two year construction period, 600-700 jobs are estimated to be available, varying from concreting to electrical connection management.

community engagement november 25 2023

The next community meeting is scheduled for November 25 2023.

This meeting took place at the Cherry Tree Wind Farm with the goal of providing the local community with an experience of wind turbines up close.

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